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Teachers, Campus Ministers, and Other Lay Ministers

  • Each course meets five mornings a week for two weeks
  • Practical projects designed to help your teaching and ministry
  • Expert content, discussion-based classes
  • Catholic school teachers and other ministers receive 33% tuition discount

New testament


New Testament Ethics

June 18-29, 2018

8:30am – 12:30pm, Monday through Friday

New Testament perspectives on the Christian lifestyle provide multiple avenues for teaching contemporary ethics. This seminar surveys the teaching and praxis of New Testament figures and authors, highlighting Jesus' Jubilee message of liberation for the poor and marginalized. Students will analyze biblical traditions in light of their literary, historical, socio-economic, and political contexts, exploring their contemporary relevance (TRS 406).

Instructor: Dr. Sheila McGinn

teaching theology

JCU Ed Hahnenberg 7124e.jpg

Teaching Theology

July 8-21, 2018

8:30am – 12:30pm, Monday through Friday

This course offers an introduction to pedagogy for theological educators. Topics include the nature and goals of theological education, the vocation of the theology teacher, the sociological research relevant to religious education, diversity in the classroom, and teaching strategies. Explores practical ways to advance the learning goals of the USCCB High School Curriculum Framework (TRS 589).

Instructor: Dr. Edward Hahnenberg


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  • Each course earns 3 graduate credit hours, applicable toward certificate and/or degree.
  • Cost per course: $1460 (reflects 1/3 tuition scholarship for teachers and lay ministers)


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