October 12, 2018

Moral Development: Meeting Students Where They Are, But Not Leaving Them There

Dr. Tracey Lamont (Loyola University New Orleans) presents the 2018 Keynote, asking how the developmental stages and deep culture of youth and young adults illuminates their faith.

Teaching Pascal Mystery

Dr. Christopher McMahon (St. Vincent College)

The death and resurrection of Jesus teaches that “life is attained and matures in the measure that it is offered up in order to give life to others” (Pope Francis). How do we share this truth?

Prayer in a Diverse Classroom

Gail Roussey (John Carroll University)

How do we pray--and how do we teach prayer—with students from various faiths, or with no faith background at all? How can we prepare all students for a lifetime of intimacy with God?

Living as a Disciple in Society

Dr. Krista Stevens (John Carroll University)

Catholic Social Teaching should not be the Church's "best kept secret." Explore practical ways to cultivate in students a commitment to social justice—no matter what course you're teaching.


Workshop 2017

October 13, 2017


Be Transformed by the Renewal of Your Mind

Dr. Todd Walatka (University of Notre Dame) offers the 2017 Keynote, exploring the relationship between theology, catechesis, and evangelization in order to ask the question, "What are we trying to do in the classroom?"

Jesus and Justice

Dr. Sheila McGinn (John Carroll University)

Jesus of Nazareth was deeply shaped by Jewish prophets and practices--including the practice of the jubilee year. What does this tradition mean for how we care for the poor, the migrant, and all of creation?

Church in the World

Dr. Eric Dart (Gannon University)

More and more we teach church to the unchurched. How can we convey Vatican II's vision of the church as the sign and instrument of communion with God and unity of the human race?

Islam for Christians

Dr. Zeki Saritoprak (John Carroll University)

Muslims honor Jesus as a great prophet and revere his mother Mary. How much do we really know about Islam? And how do we foster genuine understanding among our students?


October 21, 2016

Teaching Gospels

Sr. Lisa Marie Belz (Gospels)

First-century Palestine is not twenty-first-century Cleveland. What are scholars saying about the world of Jesus? And why should this matter to high school students?

Teaching Sacraments

Dr. Edward P. Hahnenberg (John Carroll University)

Young people hear a lot about Confirmation and Eucharist, but what about Baptism? What is the theology of the Rites of Initiation? And why should this matter to high school students?

Teaching Morality

Fr. Damian Ference (Borromeo Seminary)

Living a moral life is hard, working for social justice is even harder. How are these two related? And why should this matter to high school students?